Das ! JAV Censored (DASS-117)

Length 120 minutes
Release 2023-04-29
Category Censored
Maker Das !
Starring Actress Mochizuki Ayaka 望月あやか
Genres Anal Sex Big breasts Exclusive Hi-vision Orgy Single Work

JAV DASS-117 童貞でモテない仲良し男友達4人で、その日誕生日の太郎を祝うことに。女っ気のないことをボヤきながら、酒を買いに行くとそこで酔いつぶれて座っている女性を発見する。介抱される女、あやかは酔っ払ってノリノリで、そのまま男の家にやってくる。そんな中、4人が全員童貞であることに盛り上がり、「じゃあ私が筆おろししてあげようか?」と言われ、男たちは童貞を差し出すことに。 – JAVTIE.COM
Jav beautiful Girl 2023 DASS-117 Four male companions who are virgins and disliked will observe Taro’s birthday that day. While griping about her absence of gentility, he goes to purchase liquor and finds a lady staying there plastered. Ayaka, the lady to be really focused on, comes to the man’s home for what it’s worth, tanked and cheerful. Amidst this, them four were completely amped up for being virgins, and they said, “Okay, would it be advisable for me to bring down the brush?”
JAV PornStar Mochizuki Ayaka / 望月あやか

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